Voice clock for windows phone updated

Windows Phone gadget can be used part of the interior design and act as a digital clock.
This clock prints out time differently every minute the way people do. It is either ‘Two past midnight’, or ‘Two minutes past twelve’, or ‘Twelve two’.

Features :
  •  Six languages supported (English, Russian, French, German, Dutch and Swedish).        
  •  Three types of clock view (textual, digital and analog).
  • Tapping screen causes the clock to voice the current time (Internet connection required).
  • Voice intervals and text color are adjustable.
  • Screen gestures allow switching current language and colors quickly.
  • Automatically voice time on selected interval (15 minutes, half an hour, every hour).
  • Alarm clock can be set to the particular time and it will wake up even if application is not running.
  • In digital mode, the clock uses huge font size for better vision.

    Voice Clock can help you learn to spell numerals and tell time in foreign languages.

    Download it here

    via #WMPoweruser.com

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