Concept: Exchangeable Type Covers for Windows Phone

Here’s a really awesome concept called “Plumage”, it’s basically a Windows Phone QWERTY device, except the keyboard is a type cover similar to the Surface. The cover folds over itself doubling as a case for the phone as well when not in use, and of course the coolest idea of the concept is the fact that the cover is exchangeable, meaning you can switch it out for another cover to fit your needs (Music cover?, Simple Tp keypad if that’s your thing).

Unfortunately this concept means you’ll also lose half your screen real estate, which is kind of a huge trade-off, still the idea is pretty awesome; and the concept phone looks AMAZING.

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Nokia’s Bluetooth accessory ‘Treasure Tag’ render gets leaked

Nokia is expected to unveil quite a few new devices next month in UAE for what may be their final Nokia World. Whether it is the Lumia 1520 or their tablet, the rumored Lumia 2520, Nokia is sure to have a great show.
One of those items due for release will be the Bluetooth charm called ‘Treasure Tag’. The item will reportedly work with Bluetooth 4.0 LE devices and allow users to track things like keys, bags or whatever it is attached too. NFC will be on board too for quick and easy pairing. As the Verge reported earlier this summer, the device will have a button on it to ID phones that it is attached to and its battery should last 6 months while always being on.

As you can see above, a colored in render has made its way onto the internet via @Evleaks. The render matches the earlier sketches revealed this summer and give a better idea of what the item will look like.
Current Windows Phone 8 Lumias are expected to get Bluetooth 4.0 LE support through the GDR3 / Bittersweet shimmer update due later this year.
Finally, Nokia's Treasure Tag, also known as WS-2, made its way through the FCC, clearing the way for commercial release. Nokia will most likely unveil this accessory and the associated software with it at Abu Dhabi later in October.

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